Leadership Communication Skills – How to Influence Your Team With Integrity

“Influencing With Integrity” Provides New, Upcoming and Experienced Leaders with Improved Leadership Skills that Build a High Trust Workplace that Gets Champion Level Results”

Leaders of for-profit businesses and non-profit organizations now have more options for creating a high-trust, high performing work environment. After participating in this training or working in a 1:1 Influencing Skills coaching relationship leaders will know and be able to immediately apply:

  • The 4-Core Dimensions of a high-trust work environment and how to specifically integrate them in to your organization’s culture
  • The 2 keys to influence others in a positive way and how to apply them consistently when communicating
  • The only 2 ways leaders can influence others, and when to use each for maximum effectiveness
  • Why leaders must lead with empathy to create a trusting environment in which positive influence can take place
  • The 3 options every situation offers and how to apply each to get the results they want
  • A specific communication model with increasing degrees of control to apply when trying to positively influence performance and behavior issues
  • How Champion leaders confront without escalating into conflict
  • How to help team members solve their own problems before they get too far to solve
  • Participants encouraged to learn and practice on their own real-time, real-life/work issues to create a pathway to influence the present situation and make it immediately applicable.
  • Plenty of practice around the influencing model so participants leave with confidence to apply it in the real world.

“Influencing With Integrity” is a foundational program that underlies any high performing business or non-profit organization. The influencing skills taught in this comprehensive team training, executive coaching and organizational consulting program gives organizations a common language on which to focus.

The common language provides a set of values within which all team members can communicate and hold each other accountable to ensure a high-trust work environment is developed, nurtured and maintained.

The ideal participants from your organization for this type of program include:

  • Senior leaders and executives desirous of creating a high-trust culture that gets better results with less stress
  • Up and coming managers or leaders that need to understand how to more effectively communicate with, lead and motivate others
  • Those formally responsible for assessing and managing the performance of others
  • Anyone responsible for managing organizational change, merger/acquisition, culture integration, etc.

So that we can learn “Influencing With Integrity” might be a fit for your workplace communication transformation strategy,  Click this link to learn about our private, 1:1 strategy sessions to get you started.