Improving Leadership, Teamwork & Workplace Communication:

“The quality of results in any organization is directly related to the quality of communication in its work environment.”

Skip Weisman, Leadership & Workplace Communication Expert

If people are not communicating on a team or in an organization it is virtually impossible to be successful. Mis-communication and a lack of communication can cost significant dollars in many ways. Let me count the ways:

  1. Lost productivity
  2. Missed deadlines
  3. Missed delivery dates
  4. Lost opportunities for repeat business from customers,
  5. Initial purchases from prospective customers
  6. Duplication of tasks
  7. Lack of follow through and procrastination

Skip’s approach to improving communication in organization’s is multi-faceted.

Every work environment is unique and demands a customized approach. That’s why every  project to improve performance results through raising the bar on leadership, teamwork and workplace communication begins with a complimentary fact-finding strategy session.

Through this process Skip and company leaders decide on desired “ends” objectives from which a customized solution will be developed and implemented via a unique partnership.

From working with individual leaders and managers to help them develop a comfortable communication style that inspires team members to contribute at higher levels to working with teams to help them collaborate more creatively to contribute to each other and their team’s a higher levels than ever Skip is able to deliver results and show organizational leaders how to deliver results through others while developing work environments featuring high levels of morale, motivation, engagement and trust.

Skip has never failed to bring leaders and teams together to collaborate on deciding on key strategic and tactical initiatives. He brings to his clients ‘state-of-the-art’ facilitation techniques such as Appreciative Inquiry and other positive solutions to generate creative collaboration results from teams of all shapes and sizes.

Training, Coaching, Consulting and Digital Products:

“The specific results I can point to include improved staff morale with a better work ethic. Employees at all levels taking greater responsibility for their jobs, are working better together, and communicating more effectively with respect and specificity. And, best of all I am no longer micro-managing and have been able to ‘let go’ and enjoy running my business again.”

Chris Meyer, Owner
Meyer Contracting Corp. – Pleasant Valley, NY 845-635-1416


Strategic Planning

Skip has facilitated Strategic Planning retreats for numerous for-profit and not-for-profit agencies and gets rave reviews due to his unique approach to creating a collaborative, creative and consensus building environment through the use of Appreciative Inquiry.

Steve Miccio, Executive Director
People, Inc. –
Strategic Planning Coordinator, ASIST Consortium of New York
Poughkeepsie, NY – 845-452-2728

Click “Play” to see what Steve has to say about how Skip’s “Appreciative Inquiry” Strategic Planning program helped get results for his association:

“Your unique and creative processes helped our team focus on key priorities that allowed us to move forward in a number of important areas. Our work together has resulted in long-term benefits to JIT Hardware.”

Joe Kovacs, President
JIT Hardware – Newburgh, NY
800-480-5543 –

Leadership, Team and Workforce Development:

The quality of communication in any organization or team begins at the top. The leader’s communication style and approach to leading sets the tone others follow, that’s why they are called ‘the leader.’

“Teamwork never fails! Individuals fail teamwork because a lack of commitment to the team.”

Skip Weisman, Leadership & Workplace Communication Expert

Skip works with organizational leaders and managers, both individually and collectively, to raise the bar on their communication style so that it actually gets results in a positive, proactive, direct, respectful and genuine manner. It’s all a part of Skip’s “Champion Communication Training and Coaching.”

Reduce your training and development costs with our online virtual training programs! All of the options you see here can be adapted so your people can learn from their own offices, yet participate in an interactive setting with on-going accountability and receive more effective results than traveling for their training and development! Contact us today to find out how!

“Before working with Skip our team was stuck in one mindset. There was a culture of complacency and disrespect. Now everyone expects more from themselves and each other, they definitely communicate better and are moving forward.”

Dwight Coombe, President
Sprague & Killeen Insurance – Ellenville, NY
845-647-9100 –

The leadership training, development and coaching programs Skip offers include:

  • Team Agreement/Swamp Clearing Facilitation: This program includes intimate facilitations with organizational leadership teams to identify team strengths, real and perceived roadblocks to enhanced performance, increase trust between team members, create commitments to joint accountability, etc. to create a high-performing team based on high levels of trust. This is real team building in action!
  • Each program is customized to meet the needs of the organization, click this link to contact Skip for to identify specific next steps for your team.

“The energy we gained from the team development session you facilitated with us has propelled our team to a new level of productivity. First quarter for our company is traditionally slow, but this year we have kicked off the new year with a bang! Our team was so energized by the work session you facilitated they requested we make sure to set aside time each year to devote to similar team development exercises.”

Kathleen Packard, President
KathodeRay Media, Inc. – Greenville, NY
518-966-5600 –

“The results we achieved from our leadership team sessions with Skip went beyond my expectations. Skip’s effective facilitation style of standing back and allowing discussion to take place, while directing the discussion with poignant questions at the right moments, was well balanced and just what we needed. His direction helped us create clear guidelines for how our team will work together and communicate moving forward. As a result of his work with our leadership team, we will continue to develop a more positive, high-morale, high-performance organizational culture.”

Kip Summerlin, Director of Marketing
Columbia-Green Federal Credit Union – Hudson, NY
518-828-5216 –


Other Group Workshops and Seminars, include:

  • The Myth of Teamwork: How & Why Leaders Must Engage the “I” in TEAM to Maximize Results or Teamwork Fails (details to come – in the meantime read the popular blog post that received my most comments ever that will be the basis of this new training and development program here )
  • Avoiding the “Avoid & Tolerate Leadership Style: How & Why Leaders Erode Trust in the Workplace by Failing to Address Issues Promptly, Directly and Respectfully and What They Can Do Instead ((details to come – in the meantime read this blog post that will be the basis of this new training and development program here)

Digital Products to Help Get You Started


  • The Leadership Series:
    This product will enhance the knowledge base and the skill level of both veteran and rookie leaders alike. It is almost like getting a mini “Masters Degree” in leadership. Skip Weisman interviews colleague Jim Smith, The Executive Happiness Coach on the 7 most critical leadership skills, strategies and techniques over 7 individual lesson recordings. The product is available as a digital download and in hard copy CD versions and comes with handouts and worksheets for each of the individual lessons. This is a must for any leaders library.

Click here for more specific details on this product

  • End Procrastination NOW:
    I’m amazed at how many leaders, at all levels, struggle with the “avoid and tolerate” style of leadership. It’s something I’m very familiar with as it was my way of leading for the first 10-years of my young leadership career.  In the very first year of coaching business owners and senior executives I noticed a pattern of behavior that kept them stuck in the habit of avoiding and tolerating things on their teams and in their companies, or as a lay person might label it, procrastination. If you’d like to breakthrough the “avoid and tolerate” procrastinating style of leadership, this product is for you:

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